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Common FAQs

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General Information:


-How long is the warranty period of HIGHEVER products?

All products in HIGHEVER Store enjoy a lifetime warranty,Please note that any artificial damage and natural damage(e.g. you run with a headband on a rainy day, causing water to enter the earphones) will not be covered under warranty.


-Where can I buy HIGHEVER products?

Currently, all HIGHEVER products are sold on Amazon、Walmart, and our official Website. 


-How long will it take to receive a new item?

Once we receive and reply to your exchange email, we will re-deliver it within 3 days, and the new package will arrive in about 7 days. The arrival time may be extended during the special period of the Covid-19.


-Are these Bluetooth products harmful to health?

no,they aren't. All Bluetooth products in HIGHEVER store have FCC certification,this proves that the band and frequency generated by our products are harmless to the human and will not have side effects such as radiation.


-How do I switch the currency of settlement?

There is a national flag in the upper right corner of the website, just switch it to the currency of your corresponding country.




-Are there other sizes for your products?

all products In HIGHEVER are one size fits all, but don't worry, our products have great flexibility and can be freely adjusted to fit your head circumference. Even if the size is not suitable, it doesn’t matter. You can contact our customer service department via,we will handle it for you.


-Are the products removable and washable?

Yes,all products in HIGHEVER are Washable But need to pay attention to the disassembly process.


-Do you have any type of alarm clock function?

Not independently but if you fall asleep with them on, your phone alarm will play on them.


-It says Bluetooth 5.0, does the sleep Bluetooth headphones work well than Bluetooth 4.2 type?

Yes, it works better than the 4.2 type and you don't have to worry about wires.


-Can you move the speakers around within the mask? I like to be able to adjust the placement of the speakers.

Yes, each of the speakers is located within a pocket sewn into each side of the mask. These pockets are large enough to allow each speaker to move into a position over each ear.


-Can others hear the music/audio from the mask?

It's not very likely others could hear audio from the mask unless their head was up against the listener's head. The volume of the sleep mask speakers is only loud enough to be heard when the speakers are positioned directly over your ears.